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About Our Team
Tomer Weiss | Co-Director & Senior Teacher
"Yoga is a process of healing of our heart, of becoming more present from moment to moment, of becoming who we truly are."

Tomer, a trained psychotherapist, and yoga teacher since 10 years, is a Co-Director and teacher of Samasti Yoga. His thirst for knowing the truth about life and dedication to his personal practice has given him an abundance of experience that will guide you through each class with an open heart and great awareness.

Tomer has travelled extensively, backpacking through monasteries and ashrams, attending yoga retreats and studying eastern mysticism, Buddhism and traditional Indian Tantra. Over a 12 year long pilgrimage to search the authentic practices of yoga. The teachings he received along his journey impacted him in a way he could not have perceived and his practice evolved as he journeyed deeper into his own spirituality, discovering that the answers ultimately come from within In his teaching style Tomer shares with you, a culmination of all that he has learnt from various schools of yoga, including Bihar, Shivananda, Iyengar, Shakt-tantra and Isha and also from his personal experience with ego disillusionment, self-enquiry and observation as well as the psycho-spiritual work of healing that he has undertaken under the guidance of Sri Prem Baba.
Sean Goldberg| Co-Director & Senior Teacher
"Yoga is a deconstruction process, a removing of all beliefs and identification, leaving behind who you truly are"

Sean Goldberg BSc (Physiotherapy) is a Co-Director and teacher of Samasti Yoga. His teaching style is based on a deep understanding of yoga anatomy, yoga physiology and traditional Hatha Yoga. Sean has taught on yoga trainings for various schools all over the world, including Mexico, Thailand, Brazil, Bali and Australia. He is a registered physiotherapist in Australia and continues to work and treat cliental there. Sean regularly teaches meditation courses, workshops and retreats for people that suffer from chronic pain, anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Sean has spent his whole life working at integrating Eastern and Western philosophies to find a balanced view of the world and its mysteries. He spent the majority of 5 years studying, practicing and then teaching yoga in Thailand in a Tantric yoga school. He went on to do his 500 hour yoga and meditation YTT with an intense focus on silent retreats and an energetic form of Hatha Yoga. Since then he has spent the majority of 6 years between India, studying self awareness under the guidance of Sri Prem Baba and teaching on YTT’s in Bali.
Manu Akshobia| Senior Teacher
Manu has been blessed with a mother that is a yoga teacher, so he has had yoga around him his whole life. He trained in university as a teacher in western philosophy and the went on to study yoga and meditation. He has been an active yoga and meditation teacher since 2000. His deep passion for finding true happiness and inner peace led him to travel the world starting in 1995. He explored various paths and practices, including: Indian and Tibetan Tantra and Yoga, Advaita Vedanta and Sufism. Throughout his studies, he was looking continuously to integrate the common essence of all these teachings.
He has been teaching intensively in Asia (Thailand and India), in Europe, Turkey and Canada, facilitating 500-hour teacher trainings and various workshops and retreats, ranging from weekends up to whole months.
He was the co-director of a yoga centre in Dharamsala, India, that was successfully active tor 7 years in spring summer season.
The main thread of his quest all along these years of exploration is the work on developing more presence, spontaneity and awareness of the Heart, this lead him naturally to the guidance and deep psycho-spiritual work of Sri Prem Baba and the path of the Heart. Manu teaches a harmonious synthesis of various practices that he has collected along the years and that help to reconnect with our true self. with inner peace.    

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