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  1. Samasti Yoga Transformational Teacher Training
    A sample of yogis who have had their lives completely yogified by our Samasti Yoga teacher training course
  2. Samasti Yoga Transformational Teacher Training
    The Samasti Yoga experience is an unique one. Hear from some of our students mouths to understand how you not only learn how to teach yoga, but actually grow as a inidvidual
  3. Samasti Yoga Transformational Teacher Training
    Students sharing there experiences of self connection and learning. Come get yogified with Samasti Yoga
  4. Samasti Yoga Transformation Gauranteed
    The journey to be a yoga teacher is not simply a physical or intellectual one. At Samasti Yoga, we help you to become the best version of you. Hear what our graduates have to say
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  1. Anne Smith, 30,  Adelaide, South Australia
    Anne Smith, 30, Adelaide, South Australia
    Sean was my Anatomy and Philosophy Teacher during my 200hr YTT in Canggu last year. Sean's passion for teaching this subject material was evident and his knowledge and insight was profound. Sean's approach to teaching was an authentic mix of laid back and enthusiastic. He managed to always engage the 40 yogi-to-be's through his calming nature, knowledge, experience and kind heart. Sean's background in physiotherapy was extremely helpful when it came to understanding the body and working on forming and correcting postures. My one on one yoga therapy session with Sean was rewarding to say the least. He helped me understand my body in ways I've never understood before and this deeper connection led to a deeper understanding of self, which has now translated into a deeper sense of self compassion which I needed and now love. Sean's desire to learn and grow as well as to teach is inspiring and anyone who meets him and works with him I know will be better off and blessed for it.
  2. Sharon Rotem, 42, Israel.
    Sharon Rotem, 42, Israel.
    I participated in several courses that were taught by Tomer. I enjoyed his dedication and the his totality in his teaching. I found that I could trust him and follow his clear and interesting lead. I very much recommend his classes. I wish I could join you as well.
  3. Anna Serotin, 35, Sedona, Arizona.
    Anna Serotin, 35, Sedona, Arizona.
    I had the pleasure and honor of learning from Sean anatomy and physiology during the summer 2015. Coming in with a physical therapy and yoga background already I wasn't sure what to expect. However, Sean was able to open my eyes to different layers of the body in a different perspective and deepen my knowledge even further. You can tell he is extremely passionate and well versed about such a great topic. To be able to connect this topic to yoga in an authentic and applicable way was truly beautiful and profound.
  4. Erez Dayan, C.E.O Policy Check, 53, Tel Aviv, Israel.
    Erez Dayan, C.E.O Policy Check, 53, Tel Aviv, Israel.
    I have known Tomer Weiss As a senior yoga teacher for a decade now; Tomer showed great professionalism, sensitivity, gentleness and knowledge of yoga and many related aspects. This knowledge has created the ability to deliver lessons where the practitioner witnessed the results of the practice in various areas of the body and this ability allowed practitioners to evolve their understanding of the practice and its impact on them. As a matter of fact, Tomer has the ability to match custom individual yoga practices even in a group exercise environment. His vast experience can enrich yoga teachers and practitioners as well. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to experience a genuine and profound yoga activity.
  5. Laura McDonald, 36, London, UK
    Laura McDonald, 36, London, UK
    Sean's dedication to yoga is inspiring. Filled with insights, knowledge and questions, his teachings are thought provoking, engaging and clear. His holistic approach shows passion about the role of yoga in our daily lives, and as a healing tool for the body and mind. He always had time for individual advice and support; listening,discussing, setting personal exercises and practises,and suggesting opportunities for further reading and study. I found Sean to be kind, genuine, humble and passionate about yoga. Sean you were an important part on an incredible and ongoing journey. Thank you for helping me on my way. I am truly grateful.
  6. Gina Caruso, 38, St. Louis, Missouri.
    Gina Caruso, 38, St. Louis, Missouri.
    With his background in physiotherapy and devotion to his yogic lifestyle, Sean is very knowledgeable in his field. His delivery of the material in class is very organized and well-presented while Sean welcomes questions and discussions about the topics. He teaches in a direct yet playful manner, allowing for time to work collaboratively with our peers gaining hands on experience about the situations with which we are learning. Sean also shares all of his notes and videos with us to have as resources of our own. He is very genuine in his approach to teaching, to sharing what he believes and encourages us to find our true path and be the best version of ourselves. I was blessed to have Sean as one of my instructors on my 500 hour YTT and he has continued to be an amazing part of my support system along my yoga journey ever since!
  7. Ido Amihai-Abraham Silverstein-Meir, 30, Israel.
    Ido Amihai-Abraham Silverstein-Meir, 30, Israel.
    Since the First time I met Tomer, 5 years ago, returning from a long Spiritual voyage to India, to his Homeland Israel (As he did and does for Years and Years). I instantly Knew this is a special, great soul. Authentic in his quest, in his wish, in his request, in his demand, for the Truth, For Highest Ideals, for Love, For God. Tomer has a true Devotion (Bhakti) Of a devotee to Truth bringers, And A Sharpness and Quickness Of Wisdom (Gyana) to sense and rebel against Those who in the name of Spiritual truth, misuse, Bluff and lie. Ever since a Very early Age Esoteric Wisdom, Hidden Knowledge and The Great Meaning of it all, was What was On Tomer's Mind, Focus, Heart and Soul. Tomer Curiosity and Amazing Intellectual Capacity, Made Tomer Knowledgeable in depth, in Many fields that surround the Spiritual Realm and Encompass it. It was a Short time after I met Tomer, That I had the honour and Privilege to Help Tomer organize a workshop, Under his sole Guidance, And Participate in it. My Verbalizing skills, Fall of Short of Describing the Amazing, Life Changing, Deeply Touching Experience I had there. When I Broke Down and Lost Control (Because of my challenges and struggles in a very Difficult time in my life) in the Middle of The Workshop, Tomer Was instantly Ready to Help Me, And guide me as if this was a private session. Tomer Is a true Y-o-g-a Teacher in the Holistic all encompassing sense of the Word, Tomer is a true Hu-Man, and Friend With an Amazing Mind, Heart and Soul. Please do not miss this opportunity, Join him in studying What makes a True Y-o-g-a Teacher, What makes a True Yogi, What Yoga really is.
  8. Shushuu La'Bellé, 25, Dubai, UAE
    Shushuu La'Bellé, 25, Dubai, UAE
    Finding Samasti Yoga School was such a miracle, or as I put it- Samasti called my soul! :) Taryn, Sean, & Manu are such a wonderful team and compliment each other so well. This has been the most transformational journey of my life, and I still can't fathom how wonderfully those 200 hours have been thought through so concisely and with so much love. There was such a wonderful balance of various meditations, asana, pranayama, anatomy & physiology lectures, philosophy & spirituality lectures. It was simple to integrate all what we were learning into our asana practice and into our personal development as well. The love that surrounded us was immensely heartwarming. I can't believe the knowledge I've gained in a month, and having taught my first professional class already with confidence! Thank you Taryn, Sean , & Manu for teaching us that yoga is not only the physical practice, it is an art, our true way of living and being present and in harmony with ourselves and everything around us.
  9. Tegen Whyte, 30, London, UK
    Tegen Whyte, 30, London, UK
    My TTC with Samasti was genuinely one of the best experiences I have ever had. The course offered me a deep delve into my own practice, my teaching study and self reflection. Every day was epic, and yet the month disappeared so fast. Although intense and challenging, the course is designed in such a way you'll be guided through with ease and enjoyment. I have never felt so supported by a group of people, and would like to say a huge thank you to our teaching team for their personal investment. It is the passion of the teachers that creates this amazing course. What a way to spend a month. So valuable.
  10. Emma West,  26, Dubai, UAE
    Emma West, 26, Dubai, UAE
    I simply can not express enough how incredible this journey was with Samasti. I got much more than I was expecting. Physically, emotional and mentally I went through so much and would not change anything. I wish I could do it all again. I now have a much greater understanding of myself and Yoga. 200hours filled with meditation, asana, pranayama, yummy food, fun lectures, workshops, dancing, singing and most importantly AMAZING people. I am so excited to go out and teach what I have learnt and experienced, thanks to Samasti I feel more than ready to teach a class and continue on my yoga journey.
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